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Does your vehicle have minor dents in need of repair? Many car owners are aware of how common dings are. The prospect of knowing the primary causes of car dents can potentially help you avoid getting one. On most occasions, car dents occur as a result of hail damage, minor fender benders, car doors, shopping carts, and perhaps driver error, among other causes. Dents usually ruin your car’s natural finish, so restoring them is a must to maintain your resale value. Opting for PDR repair offers a much faster and cost-effective approach to body shops.
So what is paintless dent repair?
PDR is a cutting-edge dent removal technique used to remove dings from a car without interfering with the original paint surface. Simply put, it is the fastest, least expensive, and safest way to totally remove dents from your vehicle. As opposed to the conventional body shop methods that require extensive repainting and sanding of a vehicle, this particular technique can be performed without the need to alter the vehicle’s natural paint. For this reason, PDR has become very popular among collectors, professional drivers, and casual commuters.
What are the benefits of PDR?

It greatly enhances your resale value.
Unlike the traditional repair shops that use repainting and auto body filler, our Manhattan dent repair team doesn’t include the use of foreign materials on your vehicle. This means that we help maintain your car’s natural looks, a factor that has a considerable affect on your resale value. If you didn’t know, a vehicle that maintains its original paints boasts a relatively higher resale value than a repainted one. With PDR, only small alterations need to happen because we work from the inside. This helps keep your car as close to how it was before the dent as possible.
It can be completed within a short period.
Our specialized dent repair technique usually consumes only a fraction of the time body shops do. The variety of dent repair tools available allow our professional Manhattan dent repair team to complete your repairs in faster than typical dent removal repair services. Normally, the entire repair process only takes a few hours, depending on the damage, as opposed to weeks needed for conventional bodywork procedures.
It is extremely cost-effective.

Paintless dent repair takes less time compared to a conventional repair methods, so the associated labor charges are considerably lower. What’s more, if you include the savings on other materials such as primer, body filler and the costly auto paint, it is apparent how going for PDR can potentially save you lots of money.
It is eco-friendly.

Our PDR does not cause any negative impact on the natural environment. This is because we don’t use any toxic chemicals, paints or any other types of solvents that may contaminate the environment. Simply put, paintless dent removal will do your pocket, car and the world a huge favor!
The results are incredible!
As a car owner, you would always want your vehicle to look nice at all times. Our Manhattan dent repair team offers unmatched results, restoring the beauty of your car to it’s spotless factory condition.

If you are currently looking for a PDR team, don’t hesitate to contact our group of highly qualified Manhattan dent repair specialists. Here at Dent Dissolve, we’ll restore your car restored to its spotless factory condition. This is the perfect way to get fast and affordable repairs that will boost your car’s resale value. Contact Dent Dissolve today at 201-949-DENT to schedule your free damage estimate!