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Why Choose Our Clifton Dent Repair Team? | 4 Great Reasons

Accidents and minor bumps are common for car owners regardless of how careful you are. This can interfere with your plans to maintain the vehicle in good condition long term. However, car owners can rest easy as they can actually repair these dents without repainting the vehicle.
Paintless dent removal/repair is a technique that’s used to remove minor dents from the surface of a vehicle. This method has been proven highly effective in repairing a wide range of damage. It is only viable if the surface of the paint is intact. Our Clifton dent repair team is trained in a variety of techniques so they can handle any dent you send their way.
Why Choose Our Clifton Dent Repair Team
1. Maintain a Car’s Value
A vehicle that still has its original paint is worth more than one that has been repainted. Paintless dent removal can help your vehicle maintain its value in this regard. We do not interfere with the original factory paint as the dents are fixed without disturbing the original paint.
2. Articulate Technique
Gone are the days when dents had to be hammered down. With PDR, the damage can be fixed in comprehensive manner that maintains the appeal of your vehicle.Our Clifton dent repair team takes full advantage of our specialized tools to push the dented metal back into its original position. This is done from the inside to the outside. The more this is done, the smaller the dents become. The area then blends with the texture of the surface and eventually disappears completely.
3. Cost Effective
Our paintless dent removal techniques will save you more money than the other old fashioned techniques. The fact that it rules out the need for sanding, fillers and repainting is guaranteed to save you money.
4. Quick Service
It is no ones cup of tea to have their vehicles held up at the mechanic’s for months awaiting repair. We offer a quick and efficient process that takes only a few hours. This, of course, depends on the extent of the dent.
We are Clifton’s #1 repair team for dents, dings, and even hail damage. Being a modern technique, PDR uses less material and gets the job done fast and easy. Our team uses specialized tools and techniques to provide the quickest and most affordable Clifton dent repair service around.