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4 Types of Damage Hasbrouck Heights PDR Can Save Money On!

Why dents are dangerous to your vehicle

Hasbrouck Heights Paintless Dent Removal

Aside from being a major headache for any vehicle owner, a dented car can lead to several different kinds of auto body damage, resulting in increased repair costs. For instance, if left unattended, a dent can easily lead to rust or corrosion, both of which can spread to other sensitive parts in your vehicle. Another problem of ignoring a dent in your car is that it can lower its resale value if you ever decide to sell it off. The other obvious problem of having a dented car is that it will lower its overall aesthetic appeal. But a talented Hasbrouck Heights PDR team can make all of this a thing of the past!

What kinds of damage can PDR FIX?

As auto body repair technologies advance with each passing day, it becomes easier and easier for vehicle owners to save hundreds and in some cases even thousands of dollars in repair costs. Paintless dent repair is the industry’s single best example of the evolution of auto repair. No other method as reached the versatility or effectiveness of PDR. Our Hasbrouck Heights PDR team can fix:

  • Dings

Common dings are probably the most annoying type of body damage. They are typically caused by small pokes to the vehicle and are relatively easy to repair.

  • Round Dents

This kind of dent is caused by a basketball or some other large object. They usually occur on the hood or roof of your car and are pretty easy to repair.

  • Creases

Creases are usually caused by kids or careless passengers. When the corner of a door or other sharp object strikes your car it can leave a long sharp dent. If the damage is too sharp sometimes the metal will tear but generally these dents are no problem.

  • Hail Damage

Hail is a drivers worst nightmare. There is seemingly no escape and it can plummet your resale value like no other. However, PDR makes quick work of it. In just a few days we can restore your dent covered car to factory new!

What makes PDR so effective?

Paintless dent removal is so effective thanks to its unique approach to body repair. It’s far faster and more affordable than any competing method. This is due mostly to its direct nature. PDR focuses on removing the dents rather than just covering them up. Our Hasbrouck Heights PDR team accomplishes this by using specialized tools to push the dents back to their original position. The result is a clean finish within just a few hours at a fraction of the price body shops charge.

When it comes to choosing a Hasbrouck Heights PDR company don’t wait for the damage to get out of hand. Find a professional team that can work with your schedule for a reasonable rate. Call Dent Dissolve today at 201-949-DENT!