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Hasbrouck Heights Paintless Dent Repair | 5 Important Things to Know

Stephen Bishop

Are you sick of losing potential value with every bump and bruise on your car? Do you hate overpriced body shops that just cover up the damage instead of removing it? If so then you need a professional Hasbrouck Heights paintless dent repair team!

Paintless dent repair is all about finding a non-invasive approach to removing dents. Ultimately, its purpose is to make your car look like new while also saving you time and money. The techniques used are a bit different from standard dent repair methods. 

Here are some more reasons to opt for Hasbrouck Heights paintless dent removal:
1. Cost EfficientPaintless dent repair is the most cost effective body repair method to date. It is well known by now that body shop prices can be pretty outrageous; and for what? So they can leave your car with a swirly paint job? With PDR you save nearly three times what body shops charge.
2. Time EffectiveOne of the first things to keep in mind here is that PDR can be done very quickly. On the other hand, a regular paint job is a tedious and time consuming task.
3. Insurance ApprovedOne of the hidden benefits of paintless dent repair is that most insurance companies are familiar with it. They know how fast and effective it is so you can make a claim on minor body damage.
4. No Paint MatchingPaint matching is a thing of the past with PDR. When body shops fill a dent they repaint the surface resulting in an imperfect paint job. Paintless dent repair on the other hand never requires repainting and never ruins your factory finish.
5. Eco-friendlyLast but not the least, the dent removal is 100% environmentally safe. We don’t use any solutions or chemicals that could cause pollutions or runoff.

If you need a fast and reliable way to get affordable body repair then call our Hasbrouck Heights paintless dent repair team. Our specialized technicians use state of the art dent removal methods to minimize hassle and costs without compromising the appearance of your car. Call Dent Dissolve today at 201-949-DENT!