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Hasbrouck Heights Ding Repair | The Perfect Solution to Minor Dents

The value of your car is determined by a number of different factors. Typically the most important and first noticed is the surface condition. But many don’t realize how how much the factory finish actually does. Almost all modern paints use a urethane coating to protect from the elements making it an essential safety feature of any vehicle. These paints are also very flexible meaning they can be repaired without a hitch using PDR!
What Exactly is PDR?
PDR (paintless ding repair) is the industry’s latest technique in dent removal. But what makes it the best solution to minor body damage?
Cost Efficiency – Next time your car gets a few bruises consider taking it to a Hasbrouck Heights ding repair expert. Our specialized process could end up saving you nearly three times what body shops charge. We’ll even start you off with a free quote! Just call us now at 201-949-DENT.
Dings of All Kinds
Round Dings –
 These are the dings you see most often. They are usually caused by hail stones, soccer balls, and other round objects. As long as the paint is still intact these can be repaired with no problem.
Sharp Dings – Sharp dings occur at the point of contact with a small hard object. This could be a shopping cart or an object blown by strong winds. Many believe these dings are irreparable but as long as the paint remains intact we can take care of it.
Crease Dings – Creases look like round or circular dents but they have a sharp line straight through the middle. Door edges and tree branches are the usual culprits. But, just like the other dents, they aren’t much of a challenge.
Huge Dings – Huge dents are caused by leaning or sitting on the car and can be completely removed by a talented technician. However, they require gradual work on the ding since it takes up so much surface area.
No More Costly Materials – Repainting your entire ride is expensive and it will do a number on the value of your car. Not to mention the sanding materials and body filler. If you want an affordable alternative to body shops then look no further than our Hasbrouck Heights ding repair pros!
No More Matching Paint – The most infuriating part of body repairs is trying to match paint colors. Even if you have the same manufacturer codes, factors like temperature and humidity can give a totally different look. The best way to repair your car is the paintless way.
Time Effective – Since we won’t be spending any time refilling, sanding, or painting the damage you won’t be spending weeks waiting for your car. In fact, we can even offer same day service depending on the damage.